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Why You Should Never Miss A Court Date

It is common for people to miss appointments. But if there is something that you must not ever miss, it is a court date. The consequences of missing a court date may include a warrant of arrest, bond revocation if you are out on bail, and other penalties. If you have a lawyer, it is very likely that he will discuss the potential outcome of missing a court date.

Possible charges for missing a court date

One of the possible punishments for missing a court date is prison or jail term. Time behind bars may range from a few days to a year or more based on the factors that will directly impact how much time will be issued. Another concern that usually frustrates defendants is the payment of fines that may range from lesser to greater amounts. There are certain criteria that dictate how much fines have to be paid.

If you have been let out on bail, the bond can be revoked on account of your missing the court date. There is a possibility that you may be placed in jail until the final sentencing has been determined. Another penalty that may be given is a suspension of license like driver’s license or professional licenses. Suspension of driving privileges can be a big problem when there are tickets and other violations that have to be addressed through appointments in court. It would be difficult to renew a license that has been suspended for missing a court date.

There are ways to deal with nonattendance to court dates but you need the help of your criminal lawyer. If the judge issues a warrant of arrest because you did not show up, your lawyer can provide some sort of explanation for your action. Paperwork required for missing court dates can be serious and may lead to an arrest of not being adhered to.

It is very important to seek legal advice from Donich Law to have protection against the consequences of your poor decision as well as its possible outcomes. Your lawyer will know what evidences can be presented in court and how to argue on your behalf for your missed court date.

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