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Why Consumers Prefer To Watch Review Videos

Customer reviews are important to businesses of all sizes because they can build trust and easily increase conversions. However, the problem for some companies is they do not know how to encourage their customers to leave a review. Sometimes, all you need is to ask the customer nicely. 

Professional ways of requesting for a review

  • Start a conversation with a customer about the product that she has recently purchased. Ask politely whether she likes the product and if she is willing to leave a review. Bring the request naturally into the conversation so that the customer won’t feel pressured. 
  • When someone tells you how they enjoyed your product or service whether in-store, over the phone or online, ask them whether they are willing to share the experience through a review Provide them a link to the business review page or a reputable 3rd party review site. 
  • If your company has an email list, send a message to your most recent customers requesting for an honest feedback. Provide them with easy-to-follow directions to complete a review. Since these reviews are not anonymous, you can ask permission from the customer if you can use the favourable review for marketing purposes. 

A digital marketing agency uses king kong marketing review as a review video to gain more attention. Review videos are becoming very popular on YouTube because consumers want feedback from customers for potential purchases. The information contained in reviews will be visible to a larger audience to enhance online presence and brand awareness. 

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