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Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Online reviews can develop a brand, generate leads, bring in more revenue, and help the business improve and grow. With people spending more time browsing online than ever, reviews are now more important than ever.

For those still doubting, here are some of the reasons that make online reviews so important.

Customers look to online reviews to inform their purchasing decisions

These days, a King Kong marketing agency review can amount to a lot. Customers use online reviews to decide where, what, and when they’ll buy.

Data from the Spiegel Research Centre notes that 95% of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Power Reviews published the numbers from a survey, which noted that 30% of their respondents read reviews before every single purchase.

Reviews boost customer confidence in a brand

Brightlocal’s annual Consumer Review Survey noted that 87% of American customers need businesses to have an average score of 3-5 in a 5-point system.

What’s notable is that, only 11% looked for businesses with perfect scores. Womply backed this up, noting that businesses with perfect scores earn less than those with a 1-1.5 score, showing that people don’t trust perfect scores.

Data from Review Tracker noted that the sweet spot for online reviews is around 4.5 in a 5-point system.

Negative reviews can be good

Negative reviews are unavoidable for businesses, but they’re not necessarily bad.

Reevoo notes that negative reviews can increase conversions for brands up to 85%, and at least 2/3rds of customers are more willing to trust businesses that have both good and bad reviews.

This is good news for businesses. As long as their average score is still solid, and they handle negative reviews properly, then they’ll keep growing.

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