What To Expect With Similan Livea board?

When you plan your next scuba diving holiday in Thailand and feel uncertain on where to go and what to do, then why not consider a Similan liveaboard diving trip. What is a live aboard diving trip? Well, it doesn’t really matter if you spend several dives under your weight belt; people who loves to dive and relax can actually spend a number of days on a dive vessel.

Trip lengths for a Similan liveaboard vacation will normally range from three to six or more days. The vessels will leave the dock in the afternoon or evenings as you need to travel overnight. When you wake in the morning, you are amidst the breathtaking locations for diving. While there are several dive sites in the Similan Islands, you will want to spend three to four days seeing the major sites.

Most liveaboard boats are intended for all your diving needs, as well as providing comfort while onboard. They offer excellent Thai food that you will surely love to eat; clean and comfortable sleeping quarters; hot water showers; have photo or video stations for equipment and editing; tanks with air and weights for each dive; and several professional crew members to ensure your comfort. A Similan liveaboard diving trips is about diving the waters of the Andaman Sea and there’s no doubt about that. You can make an average of three to four dives to watch what’s underneath the seawater.

These dive trips can also be relaxing. Many of the vessels have lounging decks so you can work on your suntan, or want to catch up with your sleep if you are escaping a stressful job. You will want to make three or four dives per day, eat eagerly, and relax, and do it all over again. Liveaboard trips can surely accommodate your pleasure trips.

If you think a Similan liveaboard is only for the affluent, you are practically wrong. There are boats dedicated for the wealthy clientele and prices will surely reflect that. But there are also simple boats dedicated to backpackers. You need to find the great deals, which include safety features like radars, satellite phones and life rafts. You will also want to travel safely while you enjoy your trip.

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