What Is Better, Traditional Braces Or Clear Aligners?

When you have crooked and crowded teeth, the orthodontist in Easton will suggest dental braces for correction. Years ago, braces were more commonly associated to teenagers but now even adults wear braces as kind of corrective treatment. Braces are not fun to wear and it limits the kinds of food that you can eat but it can make the smile look perfect.

The first day of wearing braces is very uncomfortable but as days go by, you will get used to the braces and they won’t bother you anymore. Your motivation to bear all the pain and discomfort is the beautiful smile which will definitely be worth the cost and the challenges.

Regular braces are usually worn for a year or two but for some more complicated problems, the period may be longer. The orthodontist will tell you how long it will take for the braces to do their job. If you are an adult and do not want others to discover that you are straightening your teeth, you have the option of clear aligners.

One of the better things that technology introduced is Invisalign as a better alternative for braces. Invisalign is transparent aligners that go over the teeth and push them to the proper position. They are custom-built to ensure a tight fit. However, Invisalign can only be used for mild and moderately crowded teeth or spacing issues that are minimal.More complex treatment will be suggested by the orthodontist if the crowding and spacing issues are severe or in instances when the individual has malocclusion.

Cleaning the teeth may be a little more difficult with braces on. With aligners, it is pretty easy to brush the teeth because they can be removed and worn again after dental hygiene is completed. With traditional braces, it is also important to ensure that they are always clean.

How will you know if braces are better treatment for your teeth problem? After examining the mouth and the gums, the orthodontist in Easton will suggest the method to achieve a straighter teeth and beautiful smile. The orthodontist will make a plan to move the teeth to the right position.

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