Useful Tips When Buying Used Vs. New Motorcycle

One of biggest questions that cause confusion among motorcycle buyers is whether to buy a new or used bike. At the dealer that is advertising Suzuki motorcycle for sale, you have a choice from the brand new or the quality used with extended guarantees available. However, buying used has itssh are of pitfalls that is why you have to carefully analyse your options.

It is very likely that an ad that says “Good deals on used motorcycles” has caught your attention. However, cost must not be the basis of your purchasing decision but quality. It is nearly impossible to determine quality based on the idea that it is a good deal.

It is obvious that new bikes are more expensive while used bikes are more affordable because of depreciation. The first thing that you need to consider is the price range of the bike you are looking for. There are also a few hidden costs when buying used bikes. For example, major service is only available for the first 10,000 to 15,000 mile range. If the sports bike you are looking at has 13,000 miles on the clock it could cost you more in terms of maintenance costs.

It is common for motorcycle buyers to buy a used one from their friends. This will require cash on hand for the full purchase price. It is rare of individual sellers to agree to instalment payments for their used bike. If you are going to buy a used bike from dealers, there are financing options with low rates offered. Meanwhile, if you opt for new bikes, there are dealers that offer as low as 0% financing.

There are certainly a good number of reasons why you want a new bike. It is guaranteed to be in the best condition. However, there are also used bikes where the former owner has made the effort to keep it in good condition. This is what is referred to as quality used.

Suzuki motorcycles are known for their sleek design and powerful performance. They are ideal for cruising the streets or exploring the wilderness. At the UK dealer, you can find Suzuki motorcycle for sale that will be the envy of other riders.

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