Author- Kayla Guillory

Kayla R Guillory

Photography is an art and like all forms of art, it must be shared with an audience. There are personal photographs that can be kept private but there are high quality images that should be shared because they speak to people. Images are interesting particularly if you add a narrative on how the image came to be. We at Pixels & Grains encourage you to be a part of our community where the focus is on the images instead of written words. You can still write but it is obvious that you have to write about your photograph.

Our goal in encouraging photo bloggers to join our community is you improve as an artist and a photographer. You can use the site to showcase your best work. We will share your work with our audience so that you can meet people with a similar desire to get better. This is one of the advantages that website can provide; you can meet friends who share the same passion for photography.

Many photographers are self taught and take only occasional pictures but if you post consistently, you can establish a name. You will be able to expand your interests and your photographic abilities will improve. Your audience will expand because people will be looking at your work and leave comments.

A photo blog can be successful if the images appeal to readers. Take good photographs consistently so that you can have a collection from which to choose the best that can be used in your blog. While some of the photographs may have an emotional appeal, make sure that readers will feel the same. People may not respond as positively as you do. Make sure to give an explanation of your photographs and your narrative should be as interesting as your image. Be different so that your audience will become familiar with your style.

We consider as one of the most robust platforms for photographers to showcase and share their images. Be a part of our community so that we can get your work recognized. Out team will be proud to support your endeavors. Contact us through email and we will be happy to support your first attempt at photo blogging.

Here’s a few tips for editing your photos: