Understanding The Basic Setup Of A Split Type Air Conditioning Unit

The weather can be very unpredictable and bothersome. We’d like to think we have all the tools and technology to predict and even influence the weather, but still, when it’s a hot summer or a freezing winter, sometimes a well maintained air conditioning unit is all that you need. Any electrician in Capalaba or even other parts of the country can quickly assist you with any of your air conditioning needs. Just be sure to ask about the split type air conditioning unit.


The traditional window type air conditioning unit is a common type for residential homes, but when this is compared to the split type air conditioning unit, the advantages of the latter will outshine the older type.


Installation for the window type may be easier, as you just have to put it in an open window and maybe secure it with steel bars, and then plug it in. As for the split type, it comes in two separate parts. The unit placed inside the house and a condensing unit placed outside. A tube connects these two, which might require you to make a hole through the wall or pass the tube through the ceiling. But this is probably where the disadvantage for the split type ends, if you can even really call it a disadvantage.


Split type air conditioning units are more efficient and cost saving in the long run. This maybe hard to grasp at first as window types costs much less than split types, but considering the energy consumption of the two types, you’re really saving up on the electrical bill with the split type. Split type air conditioning units can cool off the entire house, not just a single room. So just compare that with several window types only working on a single room each. The split type can also be connected to a thermostat, which can control the cooling system, turning on or off as needed. This is especially useful during the summer months.


During winter, you can prepare the outside unit of the split type with a thermal covering to prevent freezing and this can be quickly done by your local electrician in Capalaba. This would ensure that you get the most effective, efficient, and cost saving air conditioning system.

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