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Tips When Eating In A Buffet Restaurant

There are many types of restaurant in Bangkok and many of them are offering buffet services. You can choose the restaurant based on the food that you want. There are seafood buffet in Sukhumvit, buffet of Japanese or Chinese cuisine and many more. How does a plated meal differ from a buffet setting? With plated meals, you only eat what is served on your plate depending on what food you ordered while a buffet setting gives you the option to choose whatever you want to eat on the wide array of food that is served and there is no limit to how much you can eat. What is the proper etiquette that you should keep in mind when dining in a buffet restaurant?

  • Before you start putting food in your plate, it is best to walk around and see all the food they have served then you can make a decision. You will be able to start filling your plate with food that you like the most and then followed by items that you have been looking forward to try. This way, you will have enough room in your plate for each of them.
  • If you are dining in a restaurant with seafood buffet in Sukhumvit, remember to use a clean plate every time you get up to get more food. It is not recommended to use the same plate because of sanitation and germs can easily spread through this practice.
  • It is ethical to wait for your turn when getting food. It is considered rude to reach for food while someone is still getting their own.
  • Be considered of people who are queuing behind you. Do not stay in one place for too long while you decide about getting a specific food or not. You can always come back later if you change your mind.
  • Always use serving spoons when getting food. Finger foods place on the serving dish should not be touched by your bare hands.
  • It is common in seafood buffet in Sukhumvit to have specific serving utensils for each item. Make sure you put back the utensil where it belonged. You don’t want to contaminate other foods which other people might be allergic to.

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