Tips When Choosing Chests Of Drawers For Your Child’s Bedroom

A walk-in closet is the most ideal solution for an individual who has an endless amount of clothing and shoes. You step inside and everything is organized. On the other hand, if the budget or space does not allow a walk-in closet, a possible solution is solid oak chests of drawers to have extra storage for stuff that do not require hangers.

A stylish chest of drawers can make the bedroom perfectly organized. Instead of storing leggings, vests, lingerie, socks and other things that do not need a hanger, the chest of drawers is a better aesthetic option. The top of the drawer can be used to display framed pictures, a vase of flowers or even scented candles.

Before you choose a chest of drawers, make sure that you have measured the available space. It is important to have enough space to walk when the drawers are open. There are tall slim chests of drawers for a tiny room at an apartment or the child’s bedroom. Make sure though that storage is enough for whatever you intend to store in the drawers. Very shallow drawers may not be the solution for your needs.

Between a tall and low set of drawers, the latter is a better choice because it is easier to reach. Low chest of drawers is ideal for the child’s bedroom because the top drawer can be reached comfortably. You certainly do not want your child to climb the top drawer and tumble down. Make sure that the set of drawers is properly secured to the wall and won’t take too much space so that you can still use the wall for a mirror.

You might want to look around for solid oak chest of drawers that can provide a room with a warm and comfortable ambiance. Oak is resistant to stains and scratches making it perfect for your child’s bedroom.

These days, people have a wide choice when it comes to furniture. Even if solid oak chests of drawers are more expensive than other options, you will benefit from its strength, durability and long lifespan. With proper care, the oak furniture inside your child’s room will last until he becomes an adult.

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