Tips On How To Create Exciting Shipping Boxes

Years ago, products are shipped in standard boxes but consumer preferences have changed the usual norms. Consumers tend to scrutinize every product in the display shelves before making a purchasing decision. Packaging should deliver more than just being a protection for a product; it needs to have that visual appeal that will communicate with the customer.

How to make packaging design more exciting for the customer

  • Customized shipping boxes do not have to be very elaborate or expensive to catch attention. There are simple two-color designs that can be printed on the standard cardboard box that can give the package a unique look.
  • Personalized shipping bags will help you deliver your product in style. From simple merchandise bags, fabric gift bags can be enhanced with customized prints, trimmings, ribbons and bows. Besides being eco-friendly, fabric bags can be a cheap advertising medium for your brand.
  • Customized shipping tapes are excellent ways to display your brand’s colors and logo. Tapes used to be a standard brown color that is literally boring. Custom shipping tapes plays a big role in catching customer attention particularly when designed well with the right colors, fonts and text.
  • Mailer boxes are usually made from flat corrugated material that can be folded together in different ways. Top fold boxes with dividers are the most popular among mailer boxes because the inner dividers can customized according to the product. Aside from protecting the product during shipment, the mailer box has lots of space for your marketing message. Some packaging suppliers will only require the dimensions of your box, logo and color preferences to create a custom mailer box that will be appreciated by customers.

The cost of personalized shipping boxes will depend on the degree of customization and the complexity of the artwork required. The size of the box and the number of colors involved in printing will also have an effect on the price. Paper Mart offers a design studio app so that you can easily create personalized gift boxes and bags. Customization of packaging can easily make your product standout and it gives the customer a compelling reason to continue on being loyal to brand.

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