Tips For Plus Size Women When Picking Formal Dresses

According to Dale and Waters, there is a vague line between normal sizes and plus size clothing. This depends mainly on the store or the brand of clothes. For some, size 18 may be considered the start of plus sizes but there are brands that consider their size 12 in the plus size category. These days, designers and brands are now designing more options for the plus size market and this includes dresses that are on the high end of the fashion spectrum. With the fashion industry developing more and more options for plus size women, finding a formal dress could prove to be a tricky challenge as there are many things to consider.

Available now are designer clothing that caters to the needs of women who are in the plus size range. This development is thanks to the celebrities who are proud to be plus sized and is sending inspiration to the world that beauty exists on all forms and sizes. There used to be very limited options when it comes to plus size formal dresses but this is not the case nowadays. Here are some tips, based on body type, one could use when choosing formal or evening dresses.

– Hourglass. There are many body types for plus sized women but this one is the most desirable. This gives a woman’s body a look of proportion and exudes femininity. With the hourglass body type, the bust is large yet the waist is noticeably smaller compared to the hips. This is the easiest body type to shop since anything that is body hugging will look good and will give more emphasis on the waistline.

– Petite. You are referred to as petite if your height is below 5’4”. A dress can be a tricky thing for petite women and should be chosen with care. Don’t wear dress that are too large and avoid choosing dresses with horizontal stripes. Dress with draping and simple patterns should do the trick.

– Rectangular. This body type has fewer curves and could be countered by wearing A-line dresses. Make sure to choose dresses that are above the knees in order to display your legs and give more shape overall.

– Apple. This is for women whose waist is wider compare to the hips and shoulders. Choose dresses that will give more attention to the legs. It is also recommended that the dress should be quite loose in the middle like those made of cotton or silk.

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