Tips For Booking In Pattaya

Booking a hotel room is a very important part of any trip. Bad decisions with airlines and taxis go away fast, but with hotels, that is most definitely not the case. If you’re looking through hotels near Pattaya for the one you’ll be staying in, you need to decide carefully.

To help you out with that, here are some tips.

Key Questions

When you have a goal in mind, in this case finding the right place for you amidst all the hotels near Pattaya, you’ll have several key queries you need to address to be successful. These questions basically sum up what you need to do for the best bookings.

  • I’m looking through hotels near Pattaya, so what hotel booking engine should I use?
  • Is it cheaper to book online?
  • How to get the cheapest rates?
  • What time of the year are the hotels cheapest?
  • Is it cheaper to book in advance?
  • Where are the best places to stay?

Get in touch.

Using the internet to narrow your search down to a couple of hotels near Pattaya that fit your budget and criteria is straightforward. Most of the time, this’ll come down to the tiniest details, things that you won’t really see on the website, since these then to be dictated by your preferences. Simple things like what’s for breakfast, how the shuttle runs, and the like. This is where getting in direct contact with the hotels become key, as they let you get a feel of the hotel itself, and measure up how they handle customers.

Walk-ins and alternative options?

There’s quite a few accommodation options in Pattaya which aren’t listed on booking sites. For backpackers or solo travellers just looking for a place to stay, these cheap, walk-in places; apartments and guest houses, are the accommodation option of choice. Walk-ins are also cheaper for the regular travellers, while budget priced accommodation in Pattaya can cost as little as 8-10 USD online, giving you lots of options for finding a place to stay.

High and low season.

The Pattaya High Season, when hotels are at their most expensive, start on November. But take note, some of the hotels in the area put up their high season rates even before that, as early as October. Some hotels are even bold enough to keep their rates right through June, but they usually reduce rates by May. Truth be told, hotels tend to choose when to apply their low rates, so the high and low season tends to be loose guidelines for pricing.

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