Things To Know When Choosing A Motorcycle Gear

If you find yourself wanting to ride motorcycles, the first things you want to get are motorcycle gears. There are many places to buy these such as Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store but you must not compromise safety or comfort with style. It is important to stay comfortable and safe because falling off a motorcycle at high speed can cause serious injury and worse, death. It is said that when you are travelling at a speed of 30 mph and beyond, you can suffer one mm of abrasion for each mph that goes beyond 30.

Study shows that 45 per cent of the time, when a motorcycle crashes the impact is received by the area uncovered by open-face helmets and three-quarter helmets. This is why it is recommended to get a full-faced helmet in order to protect your face, keep the wind out as well as the bugs. Helmets last for five years and should be replaced accordingly. The same goes after a crash because the helmet is designed to receive the impact therefore after a crash it is no longer as safe as before.

Second most important motorcycle gear is the jacket. It protects the rider’s organs, arms, ribs and back. Do not settle for style alone with fashion leather jackets because it was not designed for safety and comfort. You should purchase only jackets designed for motorcycle use because these can withstand wind and external factors. There are two types of motorcycle jackets – textile and leather. Leather is more durable but textile is more affordable. If you are particular with style, leather jackets can give you a biker vibe.

In case of a motorcycle accident, your typical denim jeans will not be of help because it was not designed for such. This is why it is recommended to use only riding pants. If you have jeans made of Kevlar, it might protect you from slight abrasion but riding pants have CE-rated armor which is tailored along the knees, shins and hips.

Lastly, before checking out your motorcycle gear from Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store, you should grab a pair of boots and gloves. The gloves should cover the entire hand and choose riding boots over regular ones.

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