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Things You Should Avoid Doing If You Have A Swim Spa

Having a swim spa in your house is not as easy as it may seem. Regular maintenance is required to make sure that your unit will operate for a long time and to get the most out of your money. Sometimes even good intentions can cause harm to the equipment thus it is important that you know what is acceptable and what it not in maintaining your swim spa. Here are some important things to avoid doing in order to avoid problems with your unit.

  • Do not use regular home cleaning products. This is the top mistake among new owners of swim spa. There is a reason why special cleaners are more expensive compared to regular household cleaning products. Household products are usually composed of various chemicals that can trigger a reaction with the acrylic lining found inside the unit which can eventually cause damage. This is not recommended and it is not the only reason why you should not use household cleaners. Dedicated swim spa cleaners contain chemicals that are compatible with the formula used in the water and this is not the case with household cleaners. Mixing household cleaners with the water inside the unit may produce toxic gasses and may be harmful to the users.
  • Neglecting the use of swimming caps. If you have long hair, it is essential to use swimming cap even in swim spas. The loose hair will build up in the long run and may clog up the drain of the filter. When this happens, the pump will work harder and maybe damaged.
  • Using water with wrong temperature level. If the water is too cold, it might damage internal parts of the unit because of the freezing temperature. If the water is too hot, on the other hand, bacteria can easily grow in it and may cause undesirable smell.
  • Not taking a shower before entering the swim spa. It might be tempting most of the time to just dive into your swim spa in Sydney without showering but it is not recommended. Your body should be free of makeup, hair products, lotion and dirt to ensure that nothing will get in the water that could build up on the unit’s water filter.

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