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The Link Between Customer Reviews And SEO

People who are looking for a product or service will usually go to Google, search for a business and look at the star ratings on the first page of search results. They click on the business with the highest star rating, compare it to others, and then spend their money.

Customers certainly trust a business that has high ratings; Google does, too. Star ratings correlate to increased conversions and improved revenue because customers are judging the business through their reviews. Meanwhile, customers also care about how the business manages and responds to reviews. Businesses must be active on review sites with consistent interaction with recent feedback and prompt resolution of customer complaints.

Most users do not click past the first page of search results. Neither will they scroll past the first few results. To gain higher rankings is the goal of most SEO campaigns. When Google sees that the business has several recent favourable reviews, the search engine will assume that the site is credible and trustworthy. Google will reward the site with a higher ranking in search results.

Once the business gains a higher ranking, it will receive more clicks from users. This means more traffic to the site and more opportunities to convert users to paying customers.

A digital marketing agency encourages its clients to write a king kong SEO review and then responds to their comments. They tell the client how much they appreciate the review and their loyalty as a customer. This genuine interaction can easily result in more reviews and more conversions.

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