The Good Side Of Bad Online Reviews

Bad reviews can be upsetting to see, but they’re not all bad. Reviews are important; it’s not much of a stretch to say they can easily lift up or bomb the sales figures of products and services, which is why it’s understandable bad reviews are so feared.

However, there is a silver lining to bad reviews, for those that know how to handle them properly.

Unfair reviews

Not all bad reviews are deserved; sometimes negative bias towards a product can lead people to review something badly without even trying it.

If customers see something being unfairly reviewed, they’ll be empathetic towards the brand which, in turn, means they’re more likely to purchase their products, or services. Customers are as attentive to unfair negativity in reviews as companies and brands.

Gaining trust

While having nothing but five-star reviews is ideal, that’s simply not realistic, and customers know that.

The occasional negative review is unavoidable, and shows people that the product, service, or brand is real; people actually interact with it as shown by someone ending up dissatisfied. A close-to-perfect score, just a bit blemished by a few bad reviews here and there is more believable and more likely to get customers than a perfect.

Smarter customers

As mentioned before, negative reviews are unavoidable.

Simple fact of the matter is that a product or service might not be a good fit for certain customers, and they’ll make that known in reviews. Alongside this fact, negative reviews also make clear what issues a certain product or service has, helping other customers make better informed and smarter purchasing decisions.

Respond right

A bad king kong agency review isn’t the end of the world, as long as it’s handled professionally and empathetically. It shows customers that the brand cares and listens to them.

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