The Challenge Of Choosing The Right Color Scheme For Your Home

One of the difficult decisions you have to make when designing the home is the right color scheme that will enhance aesthetics. You do not simply choose a single color but 3 or 4 of colors which when blended will achieve a pleasing combination. However, the right color combination is one of the most intimidating aspects of interior design because the right blend must be achieved to create a pleasing effect.

Before deciding on a color combination, make sure that you are knowledgeable on the effects of certain colors to a room. For example, red is a very intense color that can raise energy levels and stir up excitement particularly at night. Red can create a strong impression when used in the entryway but it can be too stimulating for bedrooms. Orange is another energetic color which is not a good idea for living rooms although it can be used as an accent.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness. It is the best choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms but not for main color schemes. When yellow is used in large amounts, it can create negative feelings of frustration and anger. Green is a popular color for homes because it is very refreshing. Green can be used on any room because it has enough warmth for comfort and togetherness.

On the other hand, blue has a calming and relaxing effect that is why the color is popular for bedrooms. If light blue will be used as the primary color of a room, make sure that there are warm hues on the furnishings and fabrics. Avoid using dark blue on color schemes because it can evoke feelings of sadness. Black when used in small doses can give depth to the color scheme. To make sure that you are making the right color choice, consult with a professional interior designer.

In Thailand, Instyle Déco will help you determine the color scheme that best suits your space. They ensure that design is created in a unique manner and customized according to your desires. A more spacious feel will be created with the right combination of colors.

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