The Benefits Of Gift-Giving To The Body

For some people, finding the right gift to give is one of the most annoying, bothersome and stressful things to do but while most people would not admit it, gift giving is in fact good for the body. You can say that gift giving is a process and while at first it may be a little tiring and frustrating but once you have handed the gift over to the recipient and you witness the sparkle in his/her eyes as you get showered with gratitude, then you would definitely feel that it was all worth it.

During the holidays, finding and buying gifts can truly be a nightmare seeing as there are so many people that you would have to consider. But on normal days, gift giving isn’t just meaningful it is also great for the body. Here are some benefits that gift giving can give you.

  1. First, it makes you feel a whole lot happier. Now, if you think about it, between the giver and receiver, it is the latter that would benefit the most giving him a better reason to be happy. But according to experts, people who perform acts of kindness tend to be happier and more fulfilled as the act is connected to the region of the brain that is associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust. This releases endorphins in the brain.
  2. Giving improves health. Giving has been shown to have a good effect on the physical body. It is now known to improve the health and longevity as it can reduce the levels of stress in the body.
  3. It improves cooperation along with social connection. Giving is connected to your mental health and your relationship with other people. Through giving, you are more likely to strengthen your relationships.
  4. It helps you be creative. Come on, you wouldn’t even think about giving personalized baby shower gifts if you didn’t try to be creative enough.
  5. It is contagious. When you give, you’re actually spreading a good disease: the disease of giving which makes other people generous as well. Researchers say that the hormone oxytocin helps people to give more.

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