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The Benefits of Concrete Patios

Decades ago, most of the patios were made from hard materials like brick, concrete or stone. It was only a few years ago that wood decks or patio became trendy. Today, homeowners who have installed wooden decks need to replace them since the woods become rotten or warped. Some homeowners are simply fed up with the need to keep seal these patios every few years. Patios made from concrete pavers are now making a bog statement as homeowners realize that they are very beneficial compared to wood decking. Here are some of the reasons why people are now opting for concrete materials instead of wood:

  • The design of the concrete patio will absolutely change the way that your patio will look. With technological advancements, stamping tools and coloring techniques have made the patios more versatile. You can easily form concrete into different shapes which will allow you to accommodate the space restrictions in your backyard and incorporate some attractive curves.
  • Concrete patios are much more durable compared to wooden ones. It can withstand wide range of weather conditions. In fact, there are plenty of concrete contractors operating in colder climates that take the necessary special measures in order to ensure the durability of their concrete patios. These contractors usually use a lot of steel as well as rebar in a 2 foot grid since this will control cracking. They also apply many coats of sealer. They also use a high strength concrete mix which reaches compressive strengths and which also includes reinforcing fibers.
  • Easier maintenance. Concrete is much easier to maintain compared with natural stone and masonry paving units since it is a solid surface. Unlike the paving stones which have sand-filled joints where the grass and weeds can sprout, the concrete patio does not permit the weeds to sprout since it is a solid surface. Additionally, the individual pavers will be able to settle unevenly and then create dangerous tripping hazards. Compared to the wooden patio, the concrete patios Perth will save you the labor in resealing and staining year after year. The wood also is vulnerable to wood rot, termite infestation as well as splintering.

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