Techniques And Tips For Cutting Trees

Let me start by saying that cutting down a tree especially a mature one is a risky thing to do. This means that fully equipped and properly trained professional should do this whenever possible.

However, when you’re unable to hire professional help and need to do this yourself, these tips may help.


Use the proper equipment

First and foremost, the right equipment are needed in this job. Your equipment should be tested prior and in good condition. This list covers the key pieces that are needed when cutting down a tree.

  • Chainsaw – This is probably the most important equipment needed. This should have at least 3.5 horsepower and a 20-inch bar. The bar length is an indication of how deep the blade will be able to penetrate in, and 20 inches is usually enough for most trees.
  • Safety glasses – Safety glasses are usually overlooked when doing a job like this. The reality is there may be flying debris which can seriously do harm to eyes when cutting trees using a chainsaw.
  • Leg protection – It is highly suggested that you wear knee-high boots or any heavy leg protection. It may happen that the chainsaw can kick out from a tree and hit your leg when you are hitting a knot.
  • 1000 LB rope – This should be thrice longer than the tree.


Tree cutting techniques

Make sure to double check your gear before starting. If possible, ask help from friends. The first thing to do is evaluate any possible risk of a tree falling on other things aside from the ground. If you are now ready, follow these steps.


  1. Determine the height of the tree.
  2. Decide on how the tree should fall.
  3. Clear the fall-zone.
  4. Tie one rope’s end near the middle.
  5. Let a friend hold the other end while standing at a safe zone.
  6. Cut a v-shape notch to the tree and in the side you want it to fall.
  7. It should be knee-height, cuts to the center and looks something like a shallow ‘v.’
  8. Go to the other side and start cutting until the notch is met.
  9. Walk 45 degrees away as the tree begins to fall.
  10. If it doesn’t fall over, ask your friends to pull the rope until it falls.


It is still helpful to ask for professional help since a tree services company will ensure the Perth resident safety. They have more expertise and experience compared to you.

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