Spa Resort: What Is It And How To Find One

A spa resort provides a relaxing experience for people who are staying in a certain resort or for those who live near one. When you are in a spa resort, you are allowed or sometimes required to stay overnight so that you would be able to enjoy the different spa treatments that are offered there. You will also be allowed to eat anything you may wish to eat. A spa resort is different from a health spa and a destination spa. The difference is that these two are mainly focused on people’s health and transformation. Sometimes, a resort offers all three varieties: for health, transformation and relaxation. Thailand is known to have many spa resorts with high quality service. If you are looking for a spa resort in Thailand, then this article will teach you how to find one.

1. Before looking for a spa resort, you must first determine what purpose you have for going there.

2. Then you must decide if you would prefer a larger spa resort or a smaller one. Larger spa resorts would often offer a wide range of activities to their clients. This would include golfing and swimming. Sometimes, they also offer water sports, horseback riding and skiing. Other spa resorts have a kid’s camp.

3. It is recommended that you search the internet for a spa resort that would fit you, your budget and your purpose.

4. You can also ask some of your good friends for recommendations. If some of your friends have visited a spa resort before, then you can ask them for tips and advice.

5. Learn to look for a spa resort at the local directory.


Spa resorts do not include meals. You would have to keep that in mind before you compare prices. Health spas and destination spas include meals.


For other activities and classes like yoga, you would have to pay about $15 to $25 because they come separate from your chosen package.

Take note that most spa resorts have kid’s camp but health spas do not allow children.

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