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When In South America: First Time Travelers Guide

South America is one of the top countries that travelers are dreaming to visit because there are many wonders to see from the natural landscapes to the culture of the nations. If you are not one of those people then you should research more about the popular places and things to see while in South America and you will be tempted to visit right away. The only problem is that South America is a huge continent. There is no shortcut in order for one traveler to see everything in under a year because it will take a long time to cover the entire continent. If you have no idea where to go first, here are a few suggestions.

  • If you have limited time and would love to experience a lot of things then Ecuador is the perfect country because of its size. There are colonial towns you can visit such as Cuenca and Quito. This is also one of the best places if you are planning to learn Spanish. You can see the famous Andean mountains and go trekking, horseback riding and biking. The Amazon also offers accommodation in their rainforest lodge if you desire to experience the local wildlife. If you still have money and time left, you can squeeze in a 5 day tour where you will be hopping the islands of Galapagos.
  • Peru and Bolivia. If you have been dreaming of visiting the Andes then Peru is the place for you. You will be able to see Cuzco which is considered the oldest city in the entire continent with continued habitation. If you are longing to see the archaeological wonders in Machu Picchu, you will be able to visit since it is nearby. If you want to visit Bolivia then you can easily take a boat from Titicaca and see the local villages and forests.

Brazil. If your South America Tour involves Brazil then you have to know that the country is larger than the continent of the United States. It is also the most expensive country in Latin America. Visiting Brazil will never be complete without visiting the famous Rio de Janeiro.



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