Similan Islands Liveaboard – The Best Of Learning To Dive


It is very likely that you have heard about Similan Islands but you have no idea where it is located. Well, Similan Islands is 84 kilometers northwest of Phuket, one of the world famous tourist spots of Thailand. Unlike Phuket is more known for its beautiful beaches, Similan Islands offer one of the most interesting dive areas of the world. The islands are not as dramatic as the islands of Krabi and Phang Nga Bay but it is the favorite destination of yachts and tour boats. In fact, you can learn to dive during an overnight dive trip.

Similan Islands have become the ideal destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts including sailor fraternities. During the northwest monsoon from November to May and December to February, yachts come to cruise the islands because of the lovely anchorages, the beautiful beaches and forests and the clear waters that teem with aquatic life. During the peak of the high season, you can charter a bareboat or sailing-diving cruises from the island of Phuket. If you have a yacht but you cannot dive because you failed to bring along scuba gear or compressor, it can always be rented from the dive boats that frequent the area during peak season.

During the low season months from May to October, there is no regular boat service as they often stop running because of poor weather conditions. However, if adventure is the reason for your trip to the islands, you can always hitch a ride from one of the local boats plying the area. Make sure though that you are not afraid of being stranded in the islands because you might not be able to get a return trip if the weather turns really bad.

Travel time from Phuket or Khao Lak is from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the type of boat used. A better option though is to take a Similan island liveaboard trip from Phuket that usually runs for 4 days. Similan island liveaboard operations vary according to the level of luxury and facilities that you require but do not the miss the experience of diving with experienced divers who are willing to share their expertise and encouragement.

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