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Reviews As User-Generated Content For SEO

As online shopping grows so with the shoddy characters that want to trick people of their money. However, shoppers have also become smarter; they hardly purchase anything without reading customer reviews. The fact is customer reviews have become the best source of information on a business’s authenticity and reliability.

Thousands of brands collect and display reviews because they are user-generated content that helps with SEO. According to a report Mapping the Path to Purchase, at least 35% of consumers start a purchasing journey through a search engine. If a business is not on the first page of search engine results, it will likely miss out on the opportunity to gain a new customer.

Google’s algorithms read the reviews that a certain product receives and make them searchable or visible on search. When a brand receives more than its fair share of customer reviews, the number of keywords where the product ranks in Google increases. This is particularly true for relevant keywords that contain consumer language instead of marketing copy. Search results will show specific products with customer reviews and links to the product page. When the number of reviews increases, there is usually an average increase in the impressions on the product page.

A digital marketing agency understands the importance of king kong SEO reviews and uses the content to increase traffic to the site. The company actually responds to reviews to show their appreciation to clients who shared their opinion about the service. The client feels empowered because the brand cares for them and their opinions.

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