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Reasons For Using Illustrations In Design

When making a design, sometimes the choice comes down to illustration vs. photography. Both are stylish visual media that can get people’s attention, and both have their own pros and cons, with how they can communicate your message being one of the most important distinctions.

If you’re considering illustrations over photography, whether you’ll turn to the works of Rabinky Art or a photographer, here are some things to keep in mind.

You want to express an abstract idea

The nature of an idea or concept can determine whether or not an illustration is the best pick for the situation. For topics, themes, or ideas that don’t really lend themselves well to specific visuals, an illustration is a better option.

Think about an architectural illustration, how it makes a dry subject or concept look so vibrant and attractive, while also providing a visualization of something that isn’t there or can’t be photographed.

Photography is great for grounding a design in reality and making it accessible, but something more abstract? Illustrations are the way to go.

To tell a story

Storytelling’s become a buzzword in branding and ads, but there’s no denying how great a compelling narrative can be one of the most effective ways to get people engaged, as well as presenting a brand’s purpose and personality.

When you need to take people on a journey, presenting scenes or characters, illustrations can’t be beat. Just ask Rabinky Art or another illustrator of their kind. A character doesn’t need to be twee or childish at all, as they’re all about presenting a brand in a relatable way. They just need to be interesting.

Visualizing data

Data can be boring to look at, no two ways about it. That’s why infographics have become so popular recently, as they provide a way for complex information to be easily digested and understood by people. With a little creativity, a tedious spreadsheet can become something fun to look at.


The best photographers have their own style, but they’re still not going to outdo a camera. A carefully directed photographic campaign provides good brand coherence, but nothing provides a distinctive style like an illustration.

Whether it’s an editorial or an architectural illustration, a graphic illustration simply provides a very special, and very distinct visual style that helps a design stand out from the competition and let it carve its own niche, defined by its personality and uniqueness.


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