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How To Prepare For Furniture Removal In Sydney

In order to move your furniture safely, you should hire specialists on furniture removal in Sydney. While you can do the preparation on your own, these sets of furniture can be heavy and would need a team who can expertly move your furniture without damaging them. For your part, you can do the following things to make moving furniture an easier and faster task.

Prepare the materials

Gather the materials that you would need for the dismantling and packing of the furniture. Take note that you pay removalists in an hourly basis and if they would be the ones to prepare your furniture, it could take so much time thereby causing you to pay more. Some of the things that you would need include screw drivers, old newspapers, packing tape or masking tape, trash bags, cardboard boxes and other materials you deem necessary.

Dismantle the parts

Dismantle the removable parts. However, if you cannot do it on your own, ask for assistance or you can leave it to the team who will do the furniture removal in Sydney. Some of the parts that you can try removing are drawers, covers and legs. For the drawers, empty the contents. Throw away those that can be discarded then keep the remaining contents in a plastic bag. You can also put the entire contents in a single plastic bag. Put all the screws and small pieces in a tiny plastic container or you can put them in a small packet and tape it to the furniture.

Pack the parts properly

When all the screws are secure, place the removal parts in separate plastic bags. You can also opt to wrap every piece with an old newspaper before putting them in a cardboard box. Use packing peanuts or furniture pads for breakable parts to protect them from dents and scratches. Before your furniture is collected by specialists on furniture removal in Sydney, label each box with its contents. You can also tape the corners of the furniture with cardboard or bubble wrap using masking tape or your packing tape.

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