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Why Pre-Sale Condominium Units Are A Better Investment In Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is widely known as a tourist destination but it is also an international hub for business and finance. Bangkok is also well known for its Buddhist temples that stand in contrast to the vibrant city life. If you are a foreigner who is interested to diversify your investment portfolio by buying property in Bangkok, the best option is condominiums.

Buying a condo is the most straightforward way to invest in Thailand real estate because the process is legal and simple. Dozens of new condo buildings are being developed in Bangkok meaning that you have a wide range of choice to find a perfect unit. However, there is a better option in buying condominium units that are still on the process of construction or what is more commonly referred to as pre-sale condos.

Advantages of investing in a pre-sale condo

  1. Developers offer discounted prices for pre-sale condos to ensure that all the units will be sold in the shortest possible time. Once the development of the condo has been fully completed and the units are ready for occupancy, the prices will hit the premium. You will enjoy sizeable savings but you have to be patient in waiting for the construction to be finished.
  2. A pre-sale condo is more flexible because it can be customized according to your requirements. If you are fond of hardwood flooring, you can request for its installation instead of tiles.
  3. Less cash will be required upfront because developers are often too eager for your signature on the dotted line. Instead of paying for the unit in one lump sum, you can opt for staggered payments.
  4. A new condo unit does not require too much maintenance because it is a new infrastructure and it is common for developers to use new technology in construction to protect the building from natural disasters.

If you are looking for condo for sale in Bangkok, there are many units available that are in the pre-sale stage. You can opt to live in the condo as your second home or you can rent it out to enjoy an extra source of income.

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