NSW To Experience Brief Respite From Heat

New South Wales will have a short period of rest and respite from the summer’s scorching temperatures, with a day, maybe two, of milder, more favourable conditions before the temperature goes back up again. And with it, the risk of fires. With the weather being what it is now, a brief rest to prepare for the worst is definitely needed.

With the temperatures climbing up close to the 40’s, wildfires are running amok in the countrysides, destroying acres of land, forest, and, in some tragic cases, villages. Things in Australia’s pretty rough right now, to say the least.

Whilst this does make for great beach weather, there comes a point when it’s just too much. A good example was during the 2014 Australian Open. The summer was scorching hot back then, with the temperatures hitting 40 OC in certain places. Notably, Melbourne was affected, which put the game going on there on hold for a bit. It’s a sign that the summer weather was too much.

Now, this image should say the exact same thing. It’s a pasture with some cows, with a fire raging on in the background. This is what the beach weather brought alongside it. It’s tragic how many people’s livelihoods are at risk because of particularly bad Aussie weather.

The reputation Australia owns in the internet and in fictional media, as the land of “everything trying to kill you” is certainly coming to life. One can only hope that the Australian reputation of being crazy enough to actually live in Australia also holds true. Joking aside, I think this a good time for everyone to evaluate their countries’ state; how the weather is changing in their homeland. If they feel safe in their own homes. I’m sure with all that’s been going on in the world, people are working hard on improving their home security, so companies that handle home construction must be earning a profit. One has to wonder, with Sydney weather being what it is, are the factories, like the commercial plasterers in Sydney, up to it?

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