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Next Stop: Koh Samui In Thailand

You might be travelling all over the world looking for wonders and meeting new people but you might be missing out on a lot if you haven’t visited Koh Samui yet, a beautiful island found in the Gulf of Thailand. If you are not convinced on visiting the island for your next trip, here is a list of things that might make you fall in love with the island before even reaching it.

  • Thailand is a country famous for its ladyboy shows and if you are in Chaweng Beach Road then it is worth checking out the Starz Cabaret. It is a good way to spend your night out in the island. After the show, you can pick a beach bar and then end the night in one of the well-known nightspots in the island, Green Mango Club.
  • As soon as your plane flies over the airport in Koh Samui, you will see right away the Big Buddha in its temple. Its height is a glorious 12 feet and its temple was built back in 1972. The locals call it Wat Phra Yai. Buddha can be seen sitting in a Mara position which signifies enlightenment, steadfastness and pureness.
  • Aside from the famous Big Buddha temple, there are many other temples to visit in the island such as the Wat Khunaram temple because it is considered the home of the mummified monk. There you will see an upright casket with the body one of the monks, Loung Pordaeng, wearing a pair of sunglasses.

While relaxing in your pool villa in Koh Samui, you might see people wearing strings that are tied around the waist. It is a cotton thread locally called sai sin which is known to be blessed by the Buddhist monk. The wearer will be protected and given good health. These are usually white to symbolize purity. The rule is that anyone can wear the charm but it must not be taken off at all cost. If it falls off because of natural causes then it should be kept in a height higher than the wearer’s head.


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