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Must Try Indian Cuisine Recipes

The best thing about Indian food is that they are not only exquisite but full of flavors and aroma due to the many spices used in food preparation. Some examples of exceptional dishes from India includes Parsi eggs, mutton roganjosh, paneer makhni and Kerala-styled prawns are all prepared with unique ingredients as well as cooked using different methods. Indian food only shows how much diverse is the region as a whole as well as its culture which makes their food stand apart from other countries. Every state in India takes pride in their spices and ingredients used in food preparation. Many of the spices that are usually used are created and mixed from scratch such as in the chicken tikka masala, dhansak masala, garam masala, panch phoron.

Another factor that makes Indian food exquisite is the amount of spices that are used in every cooked food like tamarind, cloves, star anise, ajwain, dhania, dalchini and black cardamom. It also has the characteristic of mixing two unlikely flavors in resulting in something delicious. Let’s not forget the popular Indian street food as well.

Here are some Indian cuisine recipes everyone should try in their lifetime:

  • Chicken stew and Appam. This dish is consists of chicken chunks which are covered with coconut gravy made of various spices. The very soft appams are located inside the center.
  • Rogan Josh. Kashmir is quite known for this dish. The dish is mainly overpowered by the sea of spices used such as garam masala, turmeric, bay leaves and fennel seeds which gives the dish its great smell. All senses will be awakened by this single dish.
  • Banjari Gosht. If you are looking to try something from Rajasthani, this dish is the perfect choice. The pieces of mutton are cooked along with flavorful yogurt.
  • Butter chicken. The people of Punjabi are quite proud of their cooking because of this particular dish. Yogurt, with its added fair share of spices, is used to marinate the chicken for one whole night in order for it to absorb the flavor well. The dish is then served together with butter or cream as topping.

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