Lose Weight Effectively – It Is As Fast As Having Surgery But Not As Expensive

To lose weight with HCG only takes 30 days, to have surgery to lose weight may only take a day but to stay put for full recovery may also take you 30 days.

HCG vs Surgery

There may be specific areas in the body where fat is stored that we want gone. Ordinary diet cannot target those fat pockets and exercise may also help but there are just some areas that will not burn. But studies show that to lose weight with HCG, it promotes the use of your own body fats to burn in daily activities. The body requires 2,000 to 3,000 a day to get by and HCG triggers the use of stored fats, like the pocket fats you want gone.

Not as Expensive

Sure, surgery is effective to achieve the body you dreamed of. That is because you lay down on the surgery table, and the excess fat that you do not want is literally sliced away from your body. But the procedure does not come cheap, just like any medical and surgical procedures in any clinic or hospital. It may cost a few thousand dollars including the hospital bills for staying at the hospital for recovery post-surgery. With HCG, you only need to buy one bottle of HCG drops that costs anywhere around $50 to $70 and it is already good for 30 days.


The HCG drops are no miracle potion, you will need to follow stringent diet program in order to aid in the body’s natural process to burn only the stored pocket fats. But this program will not let you starve, it encourages you to eat when you need to, but only the good food. This includes lean meat, fruits, and vegetables. The beauty of HCG is that it suppresses your cravings which will not urge you to eat unnecessarily.


HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced naturally by the body during pregnancy. Typically, the human body does not produce anything that it may harm itself. Compared to other diet pills that may work but is composed of chemicals foreign to the body, HCG is already recognized by our own body but is only now used intelligently in order to aid in losing weight.

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