What LED Strip Should You Buy?

A basic LED strip lights comes with a self-adhesive tape and a substrate to which the LEDs are connected in regular intervals. After installation and powering up, the whole strip consisting of LEDs will give off a forward lighting. It is suitable for any environment setting such as domestic and commercial. These LED strip lights are affordable and easy to install. It is the cheapest way to alter the mood and look of a certain room in an instant.

There are many options when it comes to choosing LED strips. These can be installed either indoors or outdoors. It has different brightness level and it is available in various colours. LED strip lights can be used in the following:

  • In kitchen and bathroom cabinets, either above or under.
  • On the back of television and speaker systems.
  • In kick-panels and for skirting.
  • Serves as Christmas lights or for special occasions.
  • In the cove of the ceiling, wall washers and around the bar.
  • Under the roof soffits.
  • In cupboards, bar counters as well as display cases.
  • In gardens, signs, pathways and driveways.
  • In windows, floors, stairs and around the doorways.

When purchasing, consider the place where the strip will be installed and what the purpose of the lighting is for. The surface where it will be installed should be clean and dry before installation. If you are aiming for different light output then the LEDs on every strip can be varied either by colour, size or number. The IP rating of the LED strip light determines if it can be used on a dry or wet area or if it comes in a silicone coating.

You should know that the most basic integral LED is rated at 12 volt LED strip lights. It demands that there must be a driver to provide constant voltage. This is some kind of a transformer that will convert the main power source into a 12 volts supply. The LED strips are typically purchased in reels with 5 meters each. They can be cut but it is important to only do this at the specified cut points marked on every strip.

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