Is Dedicated Web Design Better Then Responsive Web Design Or Is It The Other Way Around?

A customer couldn’t care less if web design is responsive or dedicated as long as loading speed is fast and the product being searched for is easily found. For example, while sitting in front of the TV, I saw a restaurant advertisement on the local channel. Since I had my smartphone with me, I decided to book a table for next night’s dinner. After 3 or more seconds of waiting for the restaurant website to load, I decided that I’d better go shopping instead with a friend.

Most local searches are done through smartphones and most of the information searched is about restaurants, pubs and bars. A large percentage of these searches almost always result into action. If the potential customer cannot access the site, you lose the opportunity to make a sale.

Google has recommended that the above-the-fold content of a webpage should load on mobile devices in one second or less because mobile users are only prepared to wait for 3 seconds for the page to load otherwise they will leave without any plans of returning.

If you will test responsive web design (RWD) websites with respect to their performance, the same content for the 1600 x 1200 screen would load on a device that is 4 times smaller. However, there are website designs that take as much as 20 seconds to load with some sites taking a minute or more. Some websites were responsive while others have a dedicated mobile version that is different from the desktop version. Other sites only have the desktop version and they still have to realize the power of mobile.

Many people argue that a dedicated mobile version of a site contains features that target mobile users only so that they can lead to a better mobile experience. While dedicated web design seems to be doing rather well in loading speed, it is also important to consider performance.

With one of the designers will work directly with you so that all your requirements can be met.  You can opt for either responsive or dedicated web design to ensure that mobile users will have a better experience.

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