Introduction To Suspension Systems Of Vehicles

Majority of the time, car buyers only focus on the figures such as the acceleration of the car from zero to 60, the torque and the horsepower. What they do not know is that these are all useless if the control of the car is not what it is ideally conceptualized to be. This is the reason why automobile engineers are more focused on the developing the suspension systems after they have become a pro in terms of internal combustion with four-stroke engine.

The main responsibility of a car suspension system is to reach the highest ideal friction level between the surface of the road and the tires. When this is accomplished, the steering action will be more stable and the driver will be able to handle the car properly. The result is that the passengers inside the vehicle will be comfortable the entire ride.

In an ideal world where the roads are flat and level all throughout, there is no need for suspension systems but the reality is that the roads are bumpy and rocky. There is no perfect road because even the newly constructed ones will have even the tiniest flaw. If there is a bump, the wheels will automatically move in a motion perpendicular to it. The impact will depend on how small or big the obstruction is.

If there is no structure to intervene, there is a possibility that the wheels might lose contact with the ground but because of gravity it will go back down but with such force because there is no system to absorb the energy. This is why suspension systems are invented in order to act as energy absorber and the wheels will be able to conform to the bumps present on the road.

A vehicle’s suspension is considered to be a component of the chassis which is where all the essential systems can be found such as frame, suspension system, steering system and tires/wheels. The suspension systems, on the other hand, have three major components including the anti-sway bars, springs and dampers. For the springs, there are four common designs – coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars and air springs.

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