An Introduction To The Different Types Of Suits

Being able to know the differences in cuts and the perfect time to wear them is important in keeping that stylish wardrobe.

This is a guide to the types of suits.

European vs British Vs American suits

Before, a suit’s details were defined from what place they were created – Italy, England or America. These are still handy, although the guidelines are not any more fixed.

The Italian styles normally included padded shoulders, were full chested, no vents, and included a V-shaped jacket plus flap-less pockets. This is best for those with slimmer builds.

On the other hand, British suits included padded shoulders, pinched waist, two vents and flap pockets. They also came in plaid or striped patterns. This is best for those with athletic builds.

The American suits are popularly called “sack suits.” It included natural shoulders, straight hanging lines, one vent at the back and flap pockets. This is best for those with larger frames.

Today, the suits are divided into either two-piece, three-piece or tuxedo.

A two-piece suit is made from two garments, including a jacket and pants. A three-piece has a waistcoat most of the time, although not always.

Tuxedo is an evening wear that is never worn prior to 6 pm, and it is usually black in colour. This can be in two- or three-piece.

Single vs Double-breasted

A single-breasted suit has one row of buttons in the front that overlaps just enough to allow buttoning. This is the usual style in corporate environments or the men that prefer simple but stylish aesthetic.

A double-breasted suit has two rows of buttons. The front overlaps to permit for the two rows to fasten. Even though double-breasted jackets are becoming a usual wear in several offices, they are perfect for events that need a dramatic look.


Pant styles come in either flat-front or pleated, straight or cuffed leg. Although a cuffed leg can add weight to an average suit’s leg, the tuxedo includes pants with a straight leg. On the other hand, pleats likely follow trends than tradition.


Even with the complexity of suits, a Bangkok tailor or any great tailor should be able to give assistance when in need of a complete suit.

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