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Important Tips When Planning A Marquee Wedding

Many couples want to be different that is why they opt for a beautiful garden location that is perfect for a marquee wedding. While a marquee wedding is not exactly a budget friendly option, if there are many guests visited, there is more room to roam around. In hotels and wedding venues, the party is limited only to the space that was rented for the event.

However, having a marquee wedding has its share of challenges particularly if you do not have a wedding planner who will take care of the details. First of all, location is very critical because you cannot install a marquee on courtyards or tennis courts. After making a choice for a beautiful garden, you have to decide how much of the garden you want to be incorporated into the event. This will help you choose whether the marquee doors and windows are completely or partially open.

Even if you are conscious of the budget, it is more advantageous to hire a wedding planner who will manage the event. Remember that after you have made a choice for the marquee, the interior must be decorated in a manner that best fits a wedding. Organizing the tables and chairs is not easy especially if you have invited hundreds of guests. One big marquee might not be enough meaning you have to hire one or two smaller ones for catering and stockroom of food supplies and beverages.

When a large number of guests are attending the wedding, you have to take into account mobile toilets. You have the option to hire from the marquee provider but make sure to check the capacity whether it is adequate enough for your guests needs. Always ensure the presence of a generator and how much power the event requires particularly if the event extends until after dark.

If you are planning for a wedding, your best option is Marquee Hire in Melbourne that has vast resources and expertise to ensure that the right products and services will be provided during your wedding day. Aside from high quality marquees, furniture, lighting, cutlery and other equipment will be provided for reasonable prices.

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