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How To Safely Eliminate Rodents From A Property

Home owners certainly hate rodents because they damage property and at the same time they bring with them serious diseases. There are different ways to remove rodents from the property like traps, rat poison and glue boards but the best solution is pest control in Sydney that will ensure that the home or business is free from pests.

If you discover rodents inside your home, the first step to eliminate the pests is to ensure that there is no food source. It is common for the family to leave unsealed containers of chips, cereals, crackers, rice, flour and other non-perishables. There are many instances when fruits and vegetables are left on top of a table instead of being kept inside the refrigerator. Trash cans are left open with leftover food attracting rodents. You cannot permanently eliminate rodents if you do not remove all the sources of food and water.

Rodents enter the home through common access points like holes near cabinets and closets. They can also enter through open doors, sink and appliance pipes. In older structures, access is easy through cracks in the foundations of the basements and unscreened ventilation holes in the attic. Entry points can be sealed using ¼ by ¼ metal mesh, which they cannot chew off.

Those mentioned above are only preventive measures; you still have to eliminate the rodents that are hiding in dark places. Rodent poison is not always the best solution because of the foul smell of rotting carcasses. It is also unsafe to use poisons when there are children and pets in the home. Rat traps are highly recommended because the carcass can be disposed off immediately to prevent foul odour inside the home. However, it is important to observe the proper ways of using rat traps. A new version of the traditional rat trap is the electronic trap that delivers electrical shocks to kill the rodent quickly.

If you have tried all types of rodent eradication and yet there are still signs of their presence, call pest control in Sydney for a more efficient and effective treatment. A solution will be tailored specifically after the extent of infestation has been identified.

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