How To Make The Most Of Your One-Day Bangkok Trip

Visiting Bangkok for a single day is possible as long as you have the right itinerary. You must secure a budget Sukhumvit hotel before anything else. There are a lot to do within the metropolitan city even just for a day. Aside from the attractions, you can also try the delicious food in the country and experience their nightlife before the day ends.

For the morning, your schedule will consist of visiting three attractions – Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Many consider Grand Palace as the most grandiose attraction in the country. This is basically a huge complex consists of traditional Thai temples as well as historical establishments. The most popular buildings inside the complex are the ChakriMahaPrasat hall and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or known to locals as the Wat PhraKaew. For tourists, the Grand Palace ticket is worth 500 baht.

Wat Pho is the neighbour attraction of the Grand Palace thus it is recommended to visit this after. The temple is considered to be one of the oldest in the city and it features a statue of the Reclining Buddha with a height of 160 feet. This is also where the very first massage school in Thailand is located. Wat Arun, means Temple of Dawn, is located just across the Chao Phraya. This is one of the most impressive temples in the city and perfect for taking pictures.

For lunch, there are a number of places to choose from including Krisa Coffee Shop, Old Town Café and KruaKhun Kung.

In the afternoon, the itinerary consists visiting the Khlong Tours of Thonburi, Jim Thompson House and National Gallery. The Khlong Tours is perfect for experiencing the busiest districts in the city as well as the most modern. Jim Thompson House is a museum filled with art from Thailand and Southeast Asian countries. This is open to the public since Jim Thompson, the owner, disappeared in Malaysia. Last stop in the afternoon is the National Gallery.

Dinner choices include ThipSamai Pad Thai, Sala Rattanakosin Eatery and Bar and The Deck by the River. There are many luxury hotels in Bangkok but you can get a budget Sukhumvit hotel if you don’t want to splurge.

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