How To Have Some Fun With The Best Liveaboard Similan Islands

The best liveaboard Similan islands will take neophyte and professional divers to the most renowned dive spots of Thailand. The Similan islands are noted to be one of the top dive destinations in the world. Here you’ll see and experience nine granite islands, its national park and extraordinary diving adventures.  The liveaboards will take you to breath taking dive spots with variable landscapes and vibrant marine life. There are boulders, reefs, caves and passages that house the various species of hard and soft corals and the amazing marine life. So, if you really want to enjoy the Similan islands, you better come here via a liveaboard.

The Islands Underwater

The Similan islands landscape can be breath taking for the eyes both above and underneath the seawaters. The granite boulders both on land and underwater, the white sandy beaches and the crystal-clear blue waters make it a wonderful spot for diving. It’s even recommended to hire the best liveaboard Similan islands, so you can access these secluded islands. Here you’ll see an abundant marine life like angelfish, giant trevally, emperor fish, snappers, scorpion fish, rabbit fish, clown triggerfish, blue spotted stingrays, whitetip sharks, guitar rays and leopard sharks. There are other marine creatures to see, which will make you enjoy scuba diving while in deep depths.

Some Great Tips for Divers

If you want to come here for the best time to scuba dive in the Similan islands, be here from November till May. For the rest of the year, the islands are closed due to bad weather conditions. By the end of February, the currents increase which attract huge marine creatures like the manta rays and whale sharks. The visibility range is from 25 to 40-metres and water temperatures are between 26 to 29 degrees Celcius. When diving at this time, wear comfortable wetsuits, especially when you need to dive more than three times a day. Ensure that you’ve checked your equipment for safety.

Getting to the Islands

Be sure to arrive on time and on the right seaport depending on your chosen liveaboard. The best liveaboard Similan islands are docked in different ports located in Phuket or Khao Lak. Transfers are available from the airport or at your hotel. Note that there are also some liveaboards that depart and return to different ports. Just ensure you’ll get appropriate rides when you plan to return home.

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