How To Enjoy Bangkok On A Shoestring Budget

Thailand became popular as a backpacker’s paradise because of cheap accommodations, transport and food. That was the scenario decades ago because at present the tourist destination is now attracting all types of business and leisure travellers. The good thing with Thailand, budget hotels in Bangkok, the capital city does not mean dingy rooms with bunk beds.

Your dollar has more value in Thailand meaning that you can find a hotel where you can stay in style for the fraction of the expected cost. If you are travelling on a budget, your best option is to book at a hotel which is near public transport like the Sky Train or metro. There are also hotels located in the heart of the city which are within walking distance to dining, nightlife and entertainment areas.

Thailand is also known as a shopper’s paradise. In the marketplaces of Bangkok, you will find a wide array of beautiful and traditional things that you want to bring home. However, do not be tempted to pay what the vendor asks for a certain souvenir. Do not be embarrassed to haggle because the local vendors expect you to do so. If you are good, you might get the item you desire for half its original price.

One other thing that Thailand is popular for is its street food. A wide range of street food is available in the local cuisine. Be adventurous and try the authentic food they offer at the roadside. The food is clean, delicious, fresh and cheap. Another experience that you should definitely try without spending a fortune is the floating market where local vendors float down the river selling food, ingredients, vegetables and fruits.

There are also places in Bangkok that you can explore without spending anything. You can take a casual walk along the beaches or visit the impressive temples with their wealth of history passed on from several centuries.

Luxurious comfort awaits you at budget hotels in Bangkok. Even the most cost conscious business or leisure traveller will be surprised at the cheap price of accommodations. If you book direct with the hotel website, you get more benefits and discounts.

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