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How To Design A Small Bathroom

There are many ways in which one can design the bathroom in a comfortable setting even if the space is not big enough. It may sound like a challenge but it is possible. There are many challenges involved in designing a small bathroom which includes making sure that the toilet and the sink are complementing each other, ensuring that there is enough clearance allotted for the shower and don’t forget the room for the towels as well as tissue papers. While it may be challenging, making another bathroom out of a small space is more beneficial especially if it is really needed inside the house.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a small bathroom:

– Choose a corner sink. You may think a pedestal sink will do the trick but it can be another reason for the traffic in the bathroom to be disrupted. A corner sink located across where the toilet is would be the best choice. It is not advisable to place a sink right across the shower because the door opening and closing might be a hassle in the long run.

– Purchase a shower curtain – the ones that can be moved back and forth this is a space saver compared to a glass door which needs to be moved in and out. A combination of shower with a bathtub can be fitted inside a small bathroom with only the shower curtain serving as partition.

– Mount the vanity not just to create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger but also to free up space below for some items.

– Choose round vanities. In small spaces, bumping into sharp corners is a common occurrence thus it would be beneficial for you and your hip if the vanity is round rather than a square.

– Choose wall designs that have large-scale patterns. This will not make the bathroom bigger but it will make you feel that the room is bigger.

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