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How Customer Reviews Influence Shoppers

When it comes to making decisions, many people are not actually independent thinkers. They often rely on the opinion, perspective, and recommendations of others. With the advent of the internet, people have the option of customer reviews from all over the world to tell them what items to buy or services to use after a quick Google search.

Reviews do not accumulate on their own; businesses must know how to ask their customers for reviews, how to leverage the reviews to gain more business, and how to respond to reviews that are less than favourable to improve the brand’s image. Consumers are usually interested in a good story that is why they are interested in reading other people’s experiences with a brand.

Reviews are social proof that encourages consumers to make a purchase or consider another alternative. Customer feedback have a special place in the heart of consumers. While influencers may catch the attention of shoppers, the first-hand experience of a customer is more convincing.

For a digital marketing agency, customer reviews can be pretty important to generate brand awareness. For example, if customer reviews say that the services are extremely good and have helped them grow and become more profitable, the agency will definitely rank higher than its competitors. Even a one or two-sentence review from a satisfied customer can impact the brand’s credibility and page ranking in search engines.

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