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Google’s Recommended Video SEO Practices

Google is the top authority when it comes to search engine optimization, which is why people pay attention to the tech company’s advice for digital marketers.

Recently, the company posted a video on its Lightning Talks presentation detailing its recommendations for video SEO practices.

Public access

Google has stated that any video that people want them to look at should be made publicly available. That means it needs a web page with a URL that Google can actually access, on top of being visible without too much hassle for the user.

Structured data

Structured data provides information on a video like its tile, duration, description, thumbnail, and other things. These can be uploaded via VideoObject markup.

Have good thumbnails

High-quality thumbnails that are easily accessible are also important for Google’s rankings. If Google can’t get to a thumbnail then the search engine won’t include it in the video’s features.

Provide a video sitemap

A video sitemap is another way to make sure that your video content gets found by Google. A sitemap includes things like descriptors and metadata tags, things that help Google understand a video. The better Google understands a video, or any kind of content for that matter, the better it can rank it.

Accessible video files

More than just being able to look at videos, Google also like being able to retrieve videos with minimal hassle, which is why accessibility is a key part of SEO, not just for videos.

Google grabs videos to get video previews in order to use it for SERPs, as those are more effective at getting attention than static thumbnails, so they’re a key part of getting good king kong SEO reviews and getting placed nicely in searches.

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