Genius Party Favor Ideas You Can Use On Your Kid’s Party

If you are tired of the same old crap your kids find in the loot bags they had taken home from a recent party? Are you tired of cleaning out the mess these crappy items make because they break easily? If so, then why not change it up a bit during your kid’s birthday party. Party favors have become an important tradition during parties and you wouldn’t to have the kid who didn’t give out party favors during his birthday party. That would be just sad for your kid. Party favors are a way for you to show how grateful you are to your kid’s guest for attending and celebrating your kid’s birthday.

Here are some genius party favor ideas that you can use on your kid’s birthday party.

  1. Plant It Bags. Want your kids as well as their guests connect with the planet? If so, then why not give out an eco-friendly party favor? All you have to do is get a number of brown paper bags and fill them with seeds or seedlings for your guests to plant. Add a few instructions and decorate the paper bags. You can have your kids help you with the decorating.
  2. Cookie Bags. What kid, or adult, doesn’t love cookies? You can order personalized cookies from your local bakeries and place them in fabric gift bags.
  3. Snowman Bags. If your kid is celebrating his/her birthday during the winter, you can take advantage of the weather conditions and give away snowman kits. All you would need are upside-down hats filled with carrots, buttons and other items used to decorate a snowman.
  4. Readers Bags. If you have the budget, why not give away a copy of your kid’s favorite book? Just place them in gift bags of the right size. You’ll also be encouraging more reading time for your guests.
  5. Take Home Balls. Forget the loot bags. Prepare a large box and fill it with red balls that your kid’s guests can take home. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can also skip the balls and replace them with all your kid’s favorite things.

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