Flexible Connector Versus Bellows

An exhaust pipe made of carbon steel undergoes thermal expansion when subjected to high temperature. This is why the design of an exhaust engine compensates for such expansion by placing another component that will absorb the growth of the pipe. If you are the one designing the exhaust system to be utilized in an emergency generator, you may be choosing between the flexible connector for sale and the type of bellows to use.

An emergency generator requires the use of an exhaust system that will divert the exhaust gases and lead it outside the engine room in the process. The exhaust system is composed of elbows, piping and an important component which is the flexible sections responsible in making sure that the vibration of the engine will be accounted for. This is also the same component that accounts for the growth of the pipe as soon as the engine enters operating temperature since the exhaust gases can be as hot as 800 degrees F. A rigid exhaust piping will eventually lead to crack in the weakest point of the system which is commonly at the outlet flanges of the engine or at the input and output connections of the silencer. This is why it is important to have a flexible connector that is situated in the middle of the engine and the silencer. Rigid construction is not common but mistakes are usually committed by not providing any allowance in case of pipe growth.

When to use bellows and when to use flexible connectors? Flexible connectors are designed to compensate for the high frequency and engine vibrations so as not to affect the entire exhaust piping. It does not compensate pipe growth and is not designed to correct misalignments.

Bellows, on the other hand, are more flexible compared to flexible connectors for sale because it is intended to compensate for pipe growth. It is also known as expansion joints and its corrugations are much larger thus it can handle compression better. It is also good in managing lateral movement which will compensate for any misalignments. Bellows are better in absorbing expansion because of its high flexibility compared to a flexible connector.

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