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Fitzhugh Decorators – How To Decorate An All-White Room

I am only renting an apartment and the landlord has given specific instructions that the white walls should be kept as it is. No painting allowed unless it is the same white shade. A plain blank wall can be pretty boring however a friend from Fitzhugh Decorators suggested ideas on how I can make the walls of the living room look more exciting and lovely. By the way, Fitzhugh Decorators is based in Northampton and they have been providing excellent service to the community for 40 years.

Various shapes of shelves can be installed on white walls to give it color. Favorite framed photographs and little art objects can be placed on the shelves to make it standout. Shapes, objects and colors can change the ambiance of a white room.
One of the fun ways to decorate a blank wall is to make use of wall decals with adhesives. Colorful wall decals can create color and personality. They come in different designs that suit various preferences and tastes. Decals are also the perfect solution when you want to change the mood of the room every now and then because they can be easily changed or repositioned.

If you have a collection of accessories, they can be used to decorate a white room but make sure that the colors will complement. Accessories in dark purple like throw pillows and rugs are a perfect match for white walls and ceilings including white upholstered furniture. To add more interest, you can make use of some green plants and flowers including scented candles.

Mirrors can also help create a dramatic effect on white walls. However, make sure that the mirrors are strategically placed so that they can bounce off light at good angles. The worst thing you can do with mirrors is to use them to reflect on random things inside the room. To use the mirror as a decorative item, make sure it is placed in a nice and beautiful frame. If you are not really partial to white paint, cover the wall with a fabric. It won’t do damage to the walls so you need not worry of earning the ire of your landlord. If you are not too skilled at hanging fabric, put it in frames like you would with a picture.

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