Fabulous Carpets Along The Road To Les Gorges De Todra


Photo courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (October 17, 2014)

Carpets can be found in many places in Morocco and surprisingly, we passed by some carpets displayed on the road to Les Gorges De Todra. The gorge is popular among rock climbers due to its uneven surfaces but it is being used by the villagers for a different purpose – to showcase their magnificent carpets.

Majority of the carpets sold in Morocco are made in the Berber Villages where they are woven and embroidered. The design on the carpets is unique and you are guaranteed that you can’t find two that look alike. As we looked closely at the designs, most have geometric patterns with lustrous colors created from vegetable dyes, henna and other organic elements. One of my most unforgettable experiences in Morocco was the visit to a souk where there was a cornucopia of textiles, jewelries, carpets, leather products and spices. We spent hours haggling with merchants which was definitely a challenge because of the language difference.

Majority of the souks sell carpets and rugs for a more expensive price compared to those that are sold beside the roads. Prices vary according to the complexity of design but the merchants guarantee that the carpets are made from 100% wool and would last for generations. If you have had the experience of buying carpets in the USA, you will be thrilled because the price of a carpet in Morocco is almost half the price quoted in American stores. We asked the merchants to arrange for shipping because the carpets won’t certainly fit our bags. With shipping and delivery added to the price of the carpets, it looks like we got a bargain. On top of that, the carpet we got was reversible. If you want a cheaper alternative, those merchants along the roads are the better option.

Souks are some of the best features of Morocco to attract tourists. In the city of Fez, there are labyrinths of individual souks where I was overwhelmed with the great display. If you are one of those great shoppers, going to a souk in Fez will provide you with an entirely different experience.

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