Factors That Affect US-Canada Cross-Border Trade


Shippers who are sending products from the US to Canada or from Canada to US customers have to be aware of various factors that may affect the shipment’s successful arrival to its destination. Customs requirements, security mandates, duties and taxes, infrastructure limitations, and a number of other issues may delay a shipment’s arrival.

In 2012, cross-border trucks and other vehicles that attempted to enter the US through the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario were unexpectedly delayed. There were electronic warnings to drivers to avoid the bridge altogether. The reason was agents of Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) on Ontario’s side of the bridge were staging a work slowdown because they were displeased with the new requirement of wearing name tags while on duty. While the action on North America’s busiest border lasted for less than a day, it affected cross-border trade.

There is no such thing as an ordinary supply chain in cross-border trade. Goods entering Canada have to follow a certain shipment process that depends on contents. There are different requirements for different shipments. For example, apparel shipments are controlled by International Trade Canada while pre-packaged consumer goods are under the control of Industry Canada.

Import requirements also differ based on which Canadian province is the shipment’s end destination. Canada has 10 provinces with their own tax requirements and marketing and labelling codes. For example, Quebec lists French as its primary language. It mandates the use of French on packaging, signage, instruction materials, and advertising.

The US and Canada have established a close trade relationship considering that they share the same borders, language, and values. Unfortunately, cross-border trade is not easy because the compliance process can be complicated at times. Regulations and protocols can change with very little notice. However, preferential treatment is provided to logistics and trucking providers to encourage trade.

Reliable transnational transport options are offered by Titan Transline to its clients. Dedicated and specialty services like hotshot trucking, dedicated loads for fragile and time-sensitive products, LTL, FTL, temperature-controlled services, oversized loads, and tradeshow transportation are offered. There is also a professional team who will ensure that the goods are handled properly.

What Does White-Glove Service Mean?


Freight can be shipped through trucks and ships. When it comes to trucking, Titan Transline offers full truckloads (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) transport options. The choice between these two methods is based on the size of the shipment, how fragile the cargo is, time requirements, and available budget. There are also other options that can be considered like white-glove service, warehousing, distribution, and logistics.

The term white-glove service means that assistance is provided with a substantially higher level of care and attention to detail. Standard shipping usually involves transporting items from their point of origin to their destination; after which the client takes over the items. In the white glove service, after the items reach their destination, they are removed from the crates and packaging by the logistics company.

White glove shipping service is critical to individuals and organizations who want to ship valuable items like artworks, antiques, and irreplaceable items. The items are expensive in a sense that may have little monetary value but high sentimental value. If a valuable artwork is damaged, an art gallery’s reputation can be negatively affected. With white-glove service, the artwork will be delivered to a customer in exactly the same condition when it left the gallery.

Many customers invest in high-end furniture and they expect the items to be delivered with utmost care to maintain their excellent quality through white-glove service. The last thing that a logistics and trucking company would want is for their reputation to be tarnished because the high-end items were damaged during transit. Even contractors and builders opt for white-glove service for the delivery of expensive furnishings like a one-of-a-kind marble countertop of a handcrafted fireplace mantle.

The main goal in choosing a white glove delivery service is to ensure that items are transported safely and efficiently. Logistics companies provide a high level of service with meticulous and painstaking attention to detail. White glove service is also defined as extra attention or respect when handling an individual’s or organization’s prized possession. Teams that are providing white-glove service never forget the fact that they are handling something that their client considers as very important and irreplaceable.

3 Reasons To Hire Refrigerated Truck From Titantransline.Com


You might say that there is no need for you to hire a refrigerated truck from for your delivery needs. However, there are several advantages if you would send your packages and goods in a temperature controlled truck. There are businesses and industries that require refrigerated trucks, such as those that deliver pharmaceutical drugs, perishable goods, meat products and growers and similar items. If you are not sure as to whether or not you will hire a refrigerated truck, take a look at the advantage hiring a refrigerated truck offers.

Weather protection

Refrigerated trucks are equipped with insulation that protects your items from the weather while they are being delivered. With the internal temperature of the truck, your goods remain fresh and protected from getting damaged regardless of the bad weather during delivery. Even if it is raining heavily or extremely hot outside, your goods will arrive at your recipients in perfect condition. During winter, if your products are delivered by ordinary truck, they can freeze along the way and it would mean losing some of your profits.

Professional commercial drivers

Another benefit of getting refrigerated trucking services from is that you are guaranteed that you will get professional drivers for your goods delivery. Refrigerated truck drivers are trained to understand how to maneuver a refrigerated trailer and how to do temperature controls inside the trailer. They are the type of drivers who underwent specialized trainings to meet the standards demanded by the job. You can also be sure that these drivers understand their customers’ need to deliver products in a timely manner.

Temperature-controlled trucks are prioritized

Generally, in most states, temperature-controlled trucks are prioritized and are allowed to bypass some strict traffic rules, especially if the transported goods are perishable and should arrive at its destination on time. With this, getting refrigerated trucking services from gives you the assurance of faster business processing and delivery. All you need is a reliable trucking company that can provide assist trucking and delivery needs. Choose a trucking company that can customize their services based on your needs.