Biggest Mistakes Men Make On Dating Sites

With the popularity of dating sites like Tinder, more and more people are turning to the internet to find the right person for them. But, as the saying goes, first impressions last, and with a dating app, that means your profile has to be spot-on. That’s not always the case though, isn’t that right, guys? Lots of you men lamenting to your bros about how you can’t seem to find someone who’ll swipe right for you. Well, that might be because your profile doesn’t paint the right picture of you.

From American, to Asian to Venezuelan Dating, there are certain things you just don’t do on dating sites. Here’s a few to avoid for the men.

Cringey pickup lines.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? ” We all know the type, those cringe-worthy pickup lines that are such blatant attempts to by men to be smooth and “cool”, that they might as well be hanging a neon sign over their heads that says “I’m trying to get into your pants”. Seriously, why? The thing about dating sites is that, reality will catch up to you, and it will catch up to you hard. Hence, general rule of thumb is to behave as you normally would, with some minor embellishments for appeal. If you’re not willing to say it upfront, don’t even consider typing them.

The one-size-fits-all approach

No. No. Just no. You’re dating, not making copies of office documentation; why would you go for the copy paste approach? Every person is unique, and the filter of the online dating app does not, in any way shape or form, diminish that fact. Whether it’s Venezuelan Dating or Asian, you’ll want to come across as unique, and having using the same approach with every date is detrimental to that. So approach every match with a fresh idea, an open perspective. If you approach everyone with a standard approach, then you’ll be seen as standard; not worth the time.

Forcing sex into every chat

Here’s the thing, part of what makes dating works is chemistry; and that can only start with a proper, natural conversation. That means he has to be natural, without any topic shoehorned in, and, when it comes to men, there’s something they always try to force into conversations with potential dates; sex. You’ll want to vary up conversations, ease up into the topic, and be natural with topic, talk to them, like, you know, an actual person?

Pretending to have a ton of hobbies

Dating involves pretending, that’s just expected, that’s why you have to approach with caution. But if you’re putting up a lot of hobbies you’re supposedly into, then a lot of people will think that you’re into the same things that they’re into. Having things in common is good, but using false hobbies will get people liking “you”, who isn’t really you. As we’ve said before, when it comes to dating, reality will eventually catch up. Hard.

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